spacedrone808 medium format photography
Lomography photos by spacedrone808

Menu music of One Must Fall game. Original by Kenny “CCCatch” Chou.Remixed and old-schooly “demodernized” by spacedrone808.


Final version.

Heavily modified guitar bloops by Alexander Krevetkin.
Synth bleeps, computer seqs and other crap by spacedrone808.

No drum instruments were broken during production of the track.



Remix of Chillout Cafe track by Bjorn Lynne from OpenTTD.
Work in progress.

Remake of “Home Town” soundtrack melody from OpenTTD, written by George E. Martin. Like it so much, that i want to redone it, in more modern way: non-general midi approach.



Name of the track speaks for itself.

I had a play of your soundcloud music, good work. I did note that you don't appear to have the following you deserve. I have a mate who is in a band, he recommends "soundcloud manager". You should check it out

Hi! Thanks for noticing. What exactly i should do?

Office zombies. Dark drone.

One more resurrection from the past. Quality is not great, because of cheap recording, but i’ve done my best to make it sound more “hi-fi like”.

All music original, except replayed Pink Floyd solo and stolen sample of Police Academy soundman [Michael Winslow].

Another psycho pop-punk-oldie resurrected.

Resurrected from old hard-drive.

India: Goan Sunsets